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Mr. Rupesh Duggal (MD)

What defines you is how you push your limits; that is the only thing that matters. Dreaming something is useless if you are not putting in enough effort to make that dream come true. I am pretty hopeful that you have studied with determination and have your preparation. Define your goals, make up your mind, and aspire to reach the destination you want to be at. Study abroad and makes sure that you are with the right consultants. Setbacks will also be there, but those should not be enough to break your motivation. You need to be firm and take overcome all the obstacles to make your way to the top.

You can go higher. You can go deeper. There are no boundaries above or beneath you. What is needed is the spark that can produce the change you want. Always know that what lies ahead is a consequence of what you are doing at the moment. As I said,

“Always keep a cheerful disposition, no matter how tough the going.”

In order to reach heights of success, you have to be brave enough to face all of your fears. There should be no going back. What matters is ambition. Harness your strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and show the world what you are capable of. Motivation is the thing that will gift you whatever you want in life. It is the attitude that makes you the king or a pawn. The main hurdle in Study abroad is fear; it is something that restricts the thought process of people. What we should know is that thinking small will get you smaller achievements. If you want to achieve something big, you should have the courage to think big no matter what. What you need in your path of success is our services so that you can get a student visa, partner visa,student visa, or dependent visa, study visa, and study in Australia, Study in New Zealand, study in Poland, study in Canada, study in Europe or anywhere you want to.

“Success doesn’t come to those who demand it but to those who command it”

Specialized in Canadian Immigration & overseas education; Mr. Amit Chopra is a perfectionist by practice. He is the one responsible for the smooth execution of the plans for Cambridge.

Mr. Amit Chopra (Director - North America)

It is our thought process that makes us a better version. It is the idea that counts. What matters is that you know where to begin. The thing that will help you in this regard is taking the initiative. Once you have started doing something, you will eventually understand what you want to know. This is never going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it. A goal should be something that you actually want to achieve. There is no point sitting idle and dreaming only. It will be a good idea to study abroad. It will shape your perceptions and choices; you will be able to get a different exposure and view about things. What will make your journey abroad even more productive is the people you will be meeting there. If you want to succeed, start putting in efforts. Get started, and nothing will be able to stop you. We make sure that you are with the right Education Consultants and you get the foreign studies you want.

“ The secret to getting ahead is getting started”



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A team of informed and committed senior education advisors/counselors who understand the need of the students and their parents or sponsors. We firmly believe in customer service to the students and our client institutions. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means; we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions.






our philosophy

“Acceptance” should mean more than just “getting in;” it should also mean “fitting in.” CES is committed to deliver the high quality at first hand counseling to the aspirant. By working together, communicating openly, sharing ideas, insights and feelings, the admissions process can be a positive experience – one that encourages students and offers parents peace of mind. We are committed to these services. “We deliver comprehensive solutions with a careful understanding of students’ needs and aspirations of moving ahead in education and life”