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Personality means different things to different people. Personality is what your whole self is. It is like depicting your own likes and dislikes in a well-mannered and civilized way. Personality is not only one thing, but it is a combination of your different moods and interests. It is not the same for every person.

Every person has a diverse variety of traits that they possess, and it reflects their personality. And during an interview for foreign studies, different people judge your different traits. Therefore, during an international studies interview, it is a game of showing your best-matching traits.

Some of the traits that an individual should possess during an interview are mentioned below:

1. For a Student – appearance, character, confidence, determination.

2. For a Manager – time management, planning, inter-personnel relations, extrovert.

3. For a Professional – intellect, professional status, communication skills, time management, planning.

4. For an Artist – creativity, glamour, social status, emotions, expressions, physical attributes.

5. For a Homemaker – creativity, toleration, social activities, to spread hope & brightness.

Some attributes common for all are, self-confidence, optimism, positive attitude, walk & gait, glamour and style, success, and status. Personality is a fusion of multiple aspects of a self-being. But the key to success is that your personality should reflect positivity if you want to achieve your desired goal in your life.

Personality development is an art through which you bring out your abilities and your strengths, making yourself well aware of your inner self and become more confident to confront the outside world. Our course helps you in building confidence and communication skills. Through the process of self-analysis, one can understand oneself better. This course also helps you to broaden your thinking horizons and help in time management skills.

  • Course Contents
  • Programme Highlights

1. Meditation
2. Voice Modulation
3. Exercise – Face, Eye, Hand, Body, Walk & Gait, Communication.
4. Public Speaking
5. Study of Emotion (Theory & Practical) Human Relations
6. Case Study
7. Time Management
8. Project Study & Planning
9. Self-Analysis

We offer you a comprehensive program that emphasizes all the integral needs towards building a remarkable personality that outshines and brings you benefits.

1. Confidence Building, Enthusiasm, Motivation & Goal Achievement
2. Develop Skills for measuring and thinking
3. Communication & Body Language
4. Public Speaking
5. Study of Emotion to overcome the fear of failure & rejection
6. Time Management & Planning
7. Self-Analysis
8. Personality – it's understanding
9. Group Dynamics and Team Building

When an individual starts its practical life, one of the major challenges that he has to confront is the amount of competition that increases day by day. Therefore, he has to groom himself for the modern world by trying to be extra-ordinary in his field. Moreover, international universities and companies are looking out for such people who are not only expert but also all-rounder in every task they perform.

CES provides you with every possible guidance and support you need to reach the desired goal in your life. We promise to put life in your dream to study abroad.

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