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Cambridge Educational Services has a legacy of success to realize the dreams. We are in to every aspect of overseas study & living. With our more than 20 years of experience in the field of Student Recruitment, we’ve always strived to realize the dreams of all-let it be students, institutions or affiliates. A long string of success has made us a popular name in the industry. The recognition by AAERI, PIER, ICEF etc. are just the byproducts of the commitment & hard work of our team.

The biggest factor in any organization’s success is the team, which is behind the organization. We’ve a strong team around the world who have been with the organization long enough to realize & follow our philosophy of 100% honesty, clarity & transparency. Each of Cambridge’s offices have trained and experienced student counsellors. Several student counsellors are alumnae of International Universities (Abroad) and have also visited most University campuses overseas and are hence able to provide first–hand counselling and to provide the advice to students on career in demand and also they try to match it with student’s profile.

Our Team is the secret to our success and we are proud of the team that we have built.

We have a strong network of carefully chosen & screened associates in all over Asia, which means that we’re able to provide the best of services not only to the students but also our partner institutions. We have a very strong and professional team of employees around the world who strive to give as much as possible personalized & professional services to all the clients as well as the partners. We have a strong base in the market which is based on the reputation rather than marketing.

The core team of Cambridge Educational Services is always on the move & is made up of young Turks who understand the pulse of the market & are able to re-define the strategies as well as efforts to achieve the desired results.


A dynamic and efficient member of Cambridge's Leading team.

Mr. Rupesh Duggal (MD)

Cambridge Educational Services is operated by Mr. Rupesh Duggal, is EATC, QEAC qualified Counsellor and ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor as well as Executive member of AAERI.
A great communicator by practice look after the Marketing of the organization with his excellent management skills and expertise in international networking. Mr. Rupesh moves around the globe forging new partnerships & creating new avenues for people across the world. Business Marketing, Relationship Building, Operations Management; this man knows it all.

Mr. Rupesh shares his time between Australia and India where he coordinates with the Team and associates. He has an amazing ability to analyze everything from various angels. He also offers valuable career guidance and counselling. He is highly accomplished professional leader with extensive and diverse experience of more than 20 years in overseas Education industry.

He is Founder of Cambridge and A dynamic go getter member go getter member of the Cambridge’s Leading team, providing Leadership, Management along with operations expertise functioning to the company. He is a family man who teaches his children & believes in “Think BIG, Achieve BIGGER”.

Specialized in Canadian Immigration & overseas education; Mr. Amit Chopra is a perfectionist by practice. He is the one responsible for the smooth execution of the plans for Cambridge.

Mr. Amit Chopra (Director - North America)

Specialized in Canadian Immigration & overseas education; Mr. Amit Chopra is a perfectionist by practice and is a lifelong perfectionist Double Graduate from a Leading School of India and Canada, Mr.Chopra is the one responsible for the smooth execution of the plans for Cambridge.

A licensed member of ICCRC and the previous regulator, since its inception and an active immigration consultant for over 10 years. Mr.Chopra’s passion in immigration law and marketing has enabled Cambridge Educational Services to be at the forefront in assisting thousands of clients and dealing with the always changing immigration environment. Just ask the hundreds of friends he’s made by just working on their immigration applications.

Chief Executive Officer

Ruhi Bajaj

The Sporty, Confident, Suave & Sharp executer is the other half of the Cambridge Educational Services’s leading team, complementing Mr. Rupesh Duggal & Amit Chopra
With an extensive 16 Years’ plus experience in helping thousands of students reaching abroad, Ruhi Bajaj, is an invaluable asset to Cambridge Educational Services. She is postgraduate in Marketing & Management. She is a jack of all trades.

She had joined Cambridge Educational Services in 2004. She is EATC, QEAC qualified Counselor as well as ICEF Trained Agent Counsellor. Ruhi is a thorough professional honing an in depth understanding of individual’s profile. Her research, Communication, positive attitude and expert guidance skills makes her one of the favorite people for applicants in the organization. Her expertise and dedication are the cornerstone of the success and recognition to our Organization.

Head - Sydney Australia

Promila Rai

Promila is a registered Migration Agent. She has over 10 years of experience in Immigration Business. Promila has the latest knowledge on immigration legislation and ready information on expected changes.

She is Post Graduate. She is Australian Citizen and understands very well that why people are motivated to migrate to and settle in Australia. Hence, she started her journey 10 years ago knowing that her own experience could help others.

She has counselled and advised thousands of migrants all over the world and assisted them to complete their journey from application to migration. She understands the migration process thoroughly. She provides a specialist practice, designed to help you to gain access to live, work and settle in Australia. Promila has experience in protection/refugee, visa cancellations, employment. She also provides customized resettlement solutions in various streams like Permanent Residency for Skilled Workers, Australian Business Ventures for Investors, Entrepreneurs & Self Employed, Regional Nominee Programs, Family Sponsorship Visa, Visitor Visa, Post Immigration Services (Placement & Settlement), Judicial Appeals & all kinds of Immigration matters in Australia.




our strengths

A team of informed and committed senior education advisors/counselors who understand the need of the students and their parents or sponsors. We firmly believe in customer service to the students and our client institutions. Our strongly student centered approach to counseling means; we give students the fullest possible information on the all available options to help them make sensible decisions.






our philosophy

“Acceptance” should mean more than just “getting in;” it should also mean “fitting in.” CES is committed to deliver the high quality at first hand counseling to the aspirant. By working together, communicating openly, sharing ideas, insights and feelings, the admissions process can be a positive experience – one that encourages students and offers parents peace of mind. We are committed to these services. “We deliver comprehensive solutions with a careful understanding of students’ needs and aspirations of moving ahead in education and life”