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to think positive and do
right deeds.



The USA is known for having one of the finest institutions in major fields. These institutions can be both public and private. At the moment, the US has a sufficient majority of 168 universities ranking among the top 500 colleges and universities. There are 17 USA institutions among the top 20. The system of international university has a plethora of institutions in different cities. The quality varies from college to college. All of these things make the USA an incredible educational destination.

Students all around the world make their way to the USA in the pursuit of studying at undergraduate and graduate levels. The study in USA has a reputation for producing top-notch postsecondary education. The count of colleges and universities has reached 4000, with 600 public colleges and over 1650 private institutions. There are almost 15 million students that are enrolled in these universities and colleges. O These traditional institutions enroll nearly 15 million students. Other than that, almost 6250 other postsecondary colleges are there and provide good vocational and technical training.

What makes American society so incredible is that it is diverse; people belonging to different geographical areas and social classes live in this country peacefully. Furthermore, when internationals come to study in USA to search for better education and job opportunities, they come with their own elements of culture and values, which makes the USA’s society even more diverse and inclusive.

This country is the land of opportunities, a place where your dreams are fulfilled, and a country where you can live as you want to live. If you are a well-educated person living in the USA, nothing can stop you from reaching the very top. Study in the USA is quite affordable if one knows how to get the job done. There is a wide range of scholarships available to study in USA to help students and make their journey more comfortable.

Consider education and study in USA as an investment in your future. The fees vary from place to place, depending on the location and duration of the course. Typically, the fees range from ₨ 675,564.94 to ₨ 1,351,129.88. The estimated living and food expenses are 5,000 US$ to 10,000 US$. Getting an education is not an easy job. It requires time, energy, and money on top of that. What makes this investment worthwhile is that you get definite rewards later on. Moreover, it is not a one-time investment per se, which makes the job even more difficult. The thing that makes it rational is that every investment is made after keeping profit in mind, and investment in education has a better opportunity count than anything else.


The United States is the premiere destination for international students from all over the world. The number of international students attending American colleges and universities is fast approaching 600,000. These students come from nations in every continent because they believe that an American higher education will provide them with the best preparation for their future. The USA offers international students the most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive array of study options in the world. Apart from being the leading destination of choice for international students, the USA offers a wide range of attractions and opportunities.

4000+ institutions offer UG, PG, Master’s and Doctorate degree.

Scholarship, fee waiver offered by USA institutions

High quality education at affordable price.

Hub of latest technology & advancement leading students to better prospects..

Easy transfer of course/ institution.

Learn more than just academic theory – develop independence and confidence.

Part-time on-campus work up to 20hrs during study.

No country in the world has more higher education institutions than the United States of America. Furthermore, most American colleges and universities offer first-class educational programs with highly qualified professors.

The American institutions, through its innovative scholarship programs, have been allowing international students to obtain benefits traditionally limited to American residents.

One of the most important benefits of studying in the USA is the high number of academic options offered to students. A student may study everything from consumer marketing to physical education Because the U.S. possesses immeasurable resources, almost every field of study is available in the country.



(Bachelor degree) you can join for an associate degree (two years) and later use the credits earned here for Bachelor degree. (Additional 2 years of study)..


Graduate Programs (Master’s & Doctorate degree) is the same as post-graduate education in India. You have to study one year or more depending on the subject or course. You earn a master’s degree like MBA, MS or MA. For doctoral degree (PhD) you have to earn more credits


If you wish to apply for an Undergraduate Programs (like BS, BE, BA etc) Colleges will ask for 12 years of formal education (12th examination or junior college in India). The acceptable certificates include: Indian School Certificate, Intermediate Certificate, Higher School Certificate, Higher Secondary Certificate, and All India Senior School Certificate.

Admission to a graduate program

usually requires a minimum of 16 years of formal education. That is, 12 years of primary and secondary schooling and further 4 years of college education. Anyone can opt and earn degrees or certificates from US institutions. The International Students mainly choose to migrate to US at two stages –

1. After completion of 12 years of schooling or equivalent to earn undergraduate Degree.

2. After completion of 16 years of education or equivalent (i.e. college education) to earn a Graduate Degree.

Study in US has always been a dream for all aspiring students. The higher education programs offered in the US are simply the best. The post secondary or the higher secondary course of study includes 4 years of study in a college or university. Students send application for study in colleges after the end of high school. Entrance examinations are arranged by various colleges and universities for the admission of the students. The enrollment is done on the basis of high school courses, class ranking, the students GPA and standardized test scores. The extracurricular activities and personal background of the students are also taken in to account during the admission of the students. The students willing to join US schools / colleges / university institutions are offered admission on the basis of certain common tests, written test of ‘school / college / university and Interview’, and essay tests etc. US have more than 4000 colleges & Universities and Institutions where nearly 6 million International students study in different courses for various programs.
To enter the United States as a student, you must apply at a US Embassy or Consulate for a student visa. You are required to make an appointment in India to apply for a visa. You can apply for a visa only after you receive the requisite I-20 or IAP-66 form from the institution you have been accepted to. The information outlined below is designed to help you to understand the visa process.

There are several students who apply for students’ visa for USA to complete their higher education or any professional degree course. A student Visa is generally required if the course of study is for more than 18 hours a week. Students who want a Students Visa for USA have to apply at a US Embassy or Consulate. Applicants can request for information regarding students Visa at any of the US Visa Application Centre situated in eleven cities across India. There are several procedures that one has to go through in order to get a student Visa for the United States of America.
Candidates who wish to study in the United States have to apply for a student’s Visa at any of the US Visa Application Centre located in India. There are primarily two types of student visas for studying in USA. These are F-1 (Student Visa) and J-1 (Exchange Visitor Visa). The F-1 visa is meant for students who have enrolled for a full-time academic or language program. These students can stay in the US for the complete duration of the academic program plus 60 days.

The other type of Student Visa is J-1 visa, which is issued for candidates requiring practical training that is unavailable in their country of residence in order to complete their academic program. J-1 students are required to compulsorily return to their home country for at least two years subsequent to the end of their studies in the United States.
There several important documents that needs to be furnished when applying for a Students Visa for USA. Here is a list of the documents required for getting a student’s Visa:
A Valid Passport: – A student needs to have a valid passport. It has to be valid for at least 6 months after the day the student appears for visa interview.
A Demand Draft: – A demand draft (D/D) has to be made on the name of embassy.
The Visa Fee: – If you get the visa, then you have to pay the visa fee either in cash through D/D.
The Visa Form: - After the visa fee you have to obtain the visa form and it’s should be a Non-Immigrant Visa Application Form. The visa form requires a 37mm * 37mm color photo with a white/light background and the place of residence that is where you will stay after reaching there is also asked in this form.
The I-20 Form, Letter of Admission and Aid letter: – A student has to fill the I-20 form and complete the student and school copy and need to sign them. Student has to carry along any correspondence with the University that he feels is significant.
Exam scores: - Student has to take original copies of GRE and TOEFL scores and need to produce when asked.
Financial Documentation: – Student needs to produce all the original documents that were used to evaluate the funds. Some of the documents used for evaluation are- the Tax returns of parents, salary certificate, bank passbooks, bank FD receipts, company FD receipts, share certificates, property documents, gold evaluation and any other document that student may has used.
If student’s interview is at the U.S. consulate in Mumbai, he will need to submit some of the documents in advance to VFS, as listed here. The rest of the documents should be carried to the interview.
Mandatory Documents –
1. Passport
2. One Photograph
3. Confirmation page of online submitted Form DS-160 with CEAC bar code
4. Visa fees
5. Original Interview appointment letter and one copy
6. Both pages of the bar coded, original SEVIS generated Form I-20 obtained from U.S. college, school or university and signed by student and a school official and one copy of Form I-20
7. Original proof of payment of SEVIS Fee Receipt I-901 and one copy, if applicable

Supporting Documents –
1. Photocopies of front page, last page and remark pages of current passport.
2. Proof of liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire first year of education and living expenses as well as proof of readily available funds to cover the remaining year(s) of studies.
3. Proof of ability to afford school in the United States.
4. Notarized Form I-134 (Affidavit of support), if student is financially supported by an individual in the United States.
5. In case a student has taken a loan, the official documents which verify the loan approval.
6. Original degree certificates along with mark sheets.
6. Original Bachelor degree transcripts or high school diploma along with mark sheets from previous institutions attended.
7. Relevant test scores, e.g., TOEFL and SAT, GRE, GMAT or LSAT.
Work permit rules: - During first 9 months of study international students are allowed to work on campus part time. International students can work only up to 15 hours/week while school is in session. When classes are not in session (vacation), they may work full time, or 30 hours per week.

After 9 months they need to take permission from university to work off campus.

Spouse cannot work fulltime. They have to obtain work permit from USA to work full time.

After completion of studies students are allowed to stay in USA on OPT (Optional Practical Training) generally for one year whereas students of Science and Engineering get OPT of 27 (twenty-seven) months, during that duration students need to convert their student visa to a work permit visa (H1B) which can later on be converted to Green card.


You need to consider many factors while choosing your university. Your academic achievements and test scores matter a whole lot and will help you choose a proper university where you can secure admission. The USA education system has provided top notch resources and quality education for a variety of programs that students, educators and professionals can pursue for that extra edge. The USA has the highest number of educational institutions providing higher education than any other country. There are more than 3800 colleges and universities imparting degree programs. The size of U.S. higher educational institutions varies greatly, too, from colleges that enroll fewer than 1,000 students to large universities that enroll more than 50,000 students. The USA education system offers a plethora of choices not only in terms of types of courses available for almost every career path but also in terms of flexibility. One of the most distinctive features of U.S. universities is the flexibility in choice of courses within a college or university. More importantly there is also the option for students to move between one institution and another. Completing the first two years of a degree at one institution, usually a community college, and then moving to another, is very common. All these have made the United States, a dream destination, for thousands of students

Higher Education
After completing high school or the twelfth grade, students are admitted to college or university for higher education. Study at a college or university leading to the Bachelor’s Degree is known as “undergraduate” education. Study beyond the Bachelor’s Degree is known as “graduate” school, or “postgraduate” education. Advanced or graduate degrees include law, medicine, M.B.A., and Ph.D. (doctorate) etc.

This system permits the student to transfer to another university and still graduate within a reasonable time. Students can enroll in a new university before finishing a degree and the credits earned at the first school can be used to complete a degree at the new one.

Academic year:
The US school calendar begins in August or September and continues through May or June normally. The international students may best enter the U.S. institutes in autumn. Many courses are also designed in a manner so that students can take them in sequence, starting in autumn and continuing through the year.The academic year at most of the schools comprises of two terms or semesters. Some have a three-term calendar known as the “trimester” system while others divide the year into the “quarter” system of four terms, including a summer session which may be optional.

The scholarships in USA are offered not only as financial aids to the students but to fulfill the ambitions and prospects of the bright students. It also supports with the monetary help to the students. US offer a large number of scholarships to the deserving students, thereby assisting the students coming from both the developed and developing counties. The scholarships are given based on various categories. Some of the different categories of scholarships offered in US are as Merit-Based, Need-Based, Ethnicity-Based, Institution-Based, General-Scholarships and Prominent Scholarships. The most prestigious scholarships that are awarded to the brilliant students are scholarships offered by the Fulbright Program, Marshall Scholarships, Miss America Scholarship and AFLSE Scholarships.

The United States is the top higher education destination in the world. Not only does it have many of the most well-known universities in the world, it also has thousands of excellent institutions you may not have heard of yet. Every year, a vast population of students from different parts of the world goes to complete their college education in USA. Admission to the US colleges is very competitive for the international students.ESL and US vocational conduct tests for the students willing to get admitted in US colleges. However, the competition also varies according to the schools and the qualifications of the international students also form an important consideration. For an international student to gain entry in a top USA college, it is important to bear good grades.

The Journalism Schools in USA has very planned course of study programs for the students. Graduate and post-graduate journalism courses are presented by diverse universities and colleges of the US. Some of the popular journalism programs, which can be pursued, are Journalism Studies, Public Relations & Advertising, Broadcasting & Digital Communication, and Photo Journalism along with Communication & Media Studies.

Medical sciences have achieved great heights in the US. In this country, you will be left with various options from medical sciences to choose from to pursue your higher studies in Medical sciences. The specialized medical courses include Radiologist, Pediatrician, Gynecologist, Orthopedic, Cardiologist, Pathologist, Anesthesiologist, Oncologist or a Surgeon. After the completion of the study program, you will have work opportunities as a Doctor or a Medical Researcher in Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers, Nursing Homes, Correctional Facilities and at diverse Federal or Government Health Departments.

US is dotted with numerous universities offering different study programs to the students. It is because of the presence of the top universities in the US that thousands of students from all across the world take admission in the universities of USA.

US boast of having a large number of both public and private colleges and universities. Till the last count there were 168 universities. Apart from these, there are several other smaller universities, liberal arts colleges and local community colleges spread across the country.

Online education has become greatly popular in US. It is of great demand of late because of its flexible nature. Thousands of students prefer online college degrees in the US. These colleges admit anyone who applies for the course regardless of the age. The applicants need to fulfill certain basic criteria that are set for the online education in America.

If you are a business and management student, then there are some of the best business schools in US waiting for you. Some of the most popular ones are B. Freeman School of Business, Adelphi University School of Business, Kelley College of Business, Auburn University College of Business, Atkinson Graduate School Of Management, Edward S. Ageno School of Business, Ancell School of Business, Babcock Graduate School of Management, T. Bauer College of Business, The Belk College of Business, Boston College Caroll School of Management, College of Business and Economics, California State University, The Bryan School of Business & Economics, Columbia Business School, School of Business and Daniels College of Business.

If you want to pursue your career in animation, there are numerous animation schools in the US, which offers different animation courses. It has become highly popular in the recent times. The students can show their creativity at their best while pursuing this career. Quite a large number of animation schools have cropped up in the US to offer various courses to the animation artists. The courses, which are largely focused on by the animation schools are computer graphic animation, flash animation, 3d animation, cartoon animation and other digital animation courses. While choosing from the course, you should keep in mind the prospect of the animation course in the US.



People always are willing to invest in education; educating themselves or educating children. Governments invest in education to educate people. And earning education outside home country is considered as wise investment; however, it may cost more. The US Schools, universities and institutions offer excellent education and training quality. The education received from a US school / college / university department is recognized everywhere in the world. That’s why students from all over the world prefer USA when a foreign degree matters to them. Also the variety of courses offered in US schools / colleges is quite high.
The schools, / colleges, and university institutions in United States attracts students from all around the globe. These schools and institutes not only teach but also help incoming students in various others matters; like getting a tutor, earning scholarships or free-ships and or getting a part time job to meet study expenditures.
Your study and stay in US will be a great experience; you will be able to share your knowledge with best brains, since scholars from all part of the world come here for study or work. You will also fortunate enough to learn about different cultures of the world as you will find communities from different sections of the society within campus.
The USA is leader in newest technologies which originates from its’ institutions. Stay and study in US means having enriched with latest technological knowledge which will give you an edge over others in real life. Hence a US degree is beneficial in several aspects and preferred over others.
The United States believes in share of knowledge, and for that region arranges for education fairs in different part of the world. The educationist and representatives from different US institutions make their presence in these fairs to give International students an insight about what a US institution / US degree offers.
A few decades back studying outside home country was the business of rich, now, its business of rich and brainy. People do globetrotting to earn education, the good education. And when one considers going abroad for study; the United States is considered as ‘Hot Education Destination’. There are some more important reasons, which make U.S a “Hot Education Destination”.


U.S. colleges are known worldwide for the quality of their facilities, resources, and faculty. Accreditation systems ensure that institutions continue to maintain these standards.


The U.S. education system features many types of institutions, academic and social environments, entry requirements, degree programs, and subjects in which you can specialize.


A U.S. degree offers excellent value for the money. A wide range of tuition fees and living costs, plus some financial help from colleges, make study in the United States affordable for hundreds of thousands of international students each year.


U.S. universities and colleges offer flexibility in choice of courses, but more importantly there is also the option for students to move from institution to another. Completing the first two years of a degree at one institution, usually a community college, and then moving to another, is very common.
World class learning institutions with cutting edge technology, endless study choices, worldwide recognition, a diverse mix of people and culture, flexibility in terms of course schedules and hours, and a globally focused course curriculum, all make the US one of the most attractive student destinations in the world.
Any student can find an appropriate program within the rich and diverse higher education system. This is true whether you are seeking career – oriented vocational and technical training from a community college, a liberal arts education from a small private college, an undergraduate science degree from a prestigious research institution, or one of a variety of programs offered by a multipurpose university. High quality educational programs are offered in all types of institutions at prices that vary as much as the programs and institutions themselves..